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August Wheel 2018 Newsletter

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This month I will be taking four weeks of the four month sabbatical that I was scheduled to have last summer until I was diagnosed with breast cancer and had to have 8 months of treatments and medical disability leave. I will be back the last Sunday of August, August 26th, and I look forward to seeing you all as we begin the start up of another “academic year” program year at St. Catherine’s.

For your consideration in the month of August – a spiritual practice that can enhance your experience of the Eucharist. This month’s suggestion is taken directly from a resource that we have used several times in our Lenten studies and confirmation preparation. ( In Your Holy Spirit – Traditional Spiritual Practices in Today’s Christian Life, by Michelle Heyne, OA )

From the section “Ways to experiment with engaging the Word”, p. 40:

“Adopt a stance of curiosity and openness”.
“Assume that God has a word for you in today’s worship. I can certainly be quite critical of sermons, or the way a lector reads, or the contents of a particular passage of the Bible. But instead of nourishing that critic, I can consciously shift my focus and my stance and look for what God may be saying to me.”

“Be aware of your feelings and reactions and consider responding with curiosity rather than judgement.”
“For instance, if you find yourself angry about something in the sermon, refrain from either telling yourself to be more Christian or simply dismissing what you’re hearing. Instead, ask what your anger may be telling you. Is there something behind the anger, such as sadness or fear? What does it mean if you and the priest have different standards or perspectives? If your views seem out of synch with the Biblical passage you’re hearing?”

I invite you to try this practice for the month of August, and reflect upon how it may change / enhance your experience of the liturgy. I welcome all who wish to have a conversation about spiritual practice to come and have a conversation in late August.

May Christ the Word speak to our hearts and minds as we continue to encounter Him in the Scriptures, Daily office and Weekly Eucharist.

In Christ,
Mother Susan+

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