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August Wheel 2020 Newsletter

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Dear People of St. Catherine’s,

It seemed so obvious when it was suggested. One of the members of St. Catherine’s who is most stringently opposed to most of my political views – and who takes it as a responsibility to remind me often how wayward I am! – this person was trying to figure out what to do during this time of social and political unrest.  This member said that if we really were serious about doing good we would form a team of tutors and go to Temple Terrace Elementary School and volunteer.  This person – who really is my good friend in spite of our differing political stripes – said education is the key to everything – developing children’s lives, overcoming ignorance, etc.

Wisdom arrives from many places and this member, my infuriating political opponent and my friend, is right on the button.  One of the great glories of American life, all the way back to Horace Mann, is our system of free public education.  We have chosen to make a common and public investment in the growth and education of the next generation of children, helping them not only to learn the tools they need to succeed, but learning how to live in a common civic life.

Education has become more complex.  There are more options now and we still argue about educational policies, political policies about education – public schools, charter schools, private schools, parochial schools. But setting aside those policy priority debates, it is possible for us to reassert our deep support for the education of our children.

On August 16th, we will bless the backpacks of our children for this school year. More than most, this year is fraught with anxiety, worry, hope and determination as we begin the new school year.  We have children, teachers and support staff, all who inhabit our schools – and we have to make sure the children can learn and that all can be safe.

Yours in Christ,

Allen W. Farabee, Interim Rector

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