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February Wheel 2018 Newsletter

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February moves us from the season of Epiphany into Lent, which begins this year on Wednesday, February 14th. An interesting juxtaposition of popular and religious tradition this year! Lent is traditionally a time for us to deepen our spiritual lives. There are opportunities to do so throughout the season of Lent. Join our Lenten Program, “Toward a Balanced Life: The Treasures of the Benedictine Tradition”, which begins Thursday evening Feb. 22nd for inspiration and ideas for spiritual practices to deepen your relationship with God. Come to the Lenten Wisdom Retreat on Saturday March 3rd, when we will explore some of the Desert Fathers and Mothers. Attend weekly eucharist, and keep up or begin a daily prayer practice. Join us for Evening Prayer in the chapel when you can, Mon. – Thurs. at 5:30 p.m.

As promised, I offer another practice for you to try this month, to deepen your experience of the Eucharist. (Last month I suggested that you watch the liturgical action – watch the lay reader and the priest as they read the scriptures, and the priest during the eucharistic prayer. By all means, keep this up if you find it enhances your worship experience). During February, I invite you to try something during the Offertory. Each week before the service, take some time to discern what you need to offer up to God. Then, during the Offertory, intentionally and prayerfully offer something of yourself to God, as the bread and wine and the gifts are brought forward to the altar. This could be something you would like to give up, some habit that no longer serves. It could be something you are suffering, that you may or may not be able to change, but you can offer up your own suffering to God. Or a joy, or an accomplishment. Whatever it is, use the Offertory to intentionally offer this to God. Pay attention to what happens. Try it for a month, and then if it is fruitful, use this practice whenever you like.

In Christ,
Mother Susan+

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