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January Wheel 2021 Newsletter

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Dear People of St. Catherine’s,

On New Year’s Day I will have my family over to my house and serve them Hopping John (black-eyed peas), collard greens, scalloped tomatoes, and cornbread.  In my growing up this was traditional New Year’s Day meal.  It was supposed to bring us good luck.  I hope it works this year!

More than ever, we need good luck this year.  Or God’s favor.  Or God’s blessing.  Or smart government. Or good will among all people.  As I write, the Covid-19 virus still surges, and maybe not to the worst yet.  The Christmas holiday has been anything but normal, with many  family  gatherings  abridged or  cancelled.   Even with the new congressional action, people are still hurting  and afraid,  worried and in distress.  A mother with two teen sons who has been living off $164 a week since April.  The young couple standing with their household goods on the sidewalk after eviction.  The husband of 73 years who could not be with his wife in her final days.

Shine light, shine.  We need more light.  We need more hope.  We need the vaccine.  We need each other.  We need to know that the child in the manger holds the promise of God to be with us.

As we begin this new year, join with me in embracing the signs of promise.  On January 10, we celebrate the sacrament of baptism. As long as the church is baptizing, there is hope.  On January 24, we will hold our annual parish meeting at 12 noon by Zoom.  Even in this strange year, we are moving ahead, to elect new parish leaders, and celebrate this unexpectedly complicated Year of Grace.

And we continue the search process that will lead to the calling of your next rector.  Two months ago we finished the self-study and are awaiting the report on “us” – who we are, how we see ourselves, what sort of leader we seek.  This month the parish profile is being completed and then the search committee will be appointed by the vestry.  Our senior warden will keep us posted on this process.

We’ve been delayed, but God has not forgotten us.  So gather round the table, enjoy the Hopping John, collards and cornbread, and believe that this will be a year of good things, of new leadership and light and hope.

With much good cheer,

Allen W. Farabee

Interim Rector

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