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June Wheel 2018 Newsletter

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Dear People of St. Catherine’s,

Summer is here, and we are now in the long season of Ordinary Time in the church year. This month, I invite you to try another spiritual practice that can deepen your experience of the Eucharist. Take the Gospel passage ( or the OT or the NT passage ) that will be used in church the following Sunday, and spend time with it during the week. Read it slowly, aloud, and pay attention to any words or phrases that particularly speak to you. ( This is the beginning of the ancient spiritual practice of Lectio Divina, sacred reading of scripture ). Then, on Sunday, instead of looking at the bulletin and the words on the page, look at the person reading the lesson ( or Gospel ). Notice how your experience of hearing this passage read in church is different because you have spent time with it. ( To find the readings for the coming week, look up the Revised Common Lectionary. There is a link to this on our church website, in the Resources section ).

This month our J2A group and their leaders will journey on their pilgrimage to experience God in new ways and in new places. Please keep them in your prayers! The pilgrims will be blessed at the 10 a.m. service on Sunday June 10th.

I will be away on retreat the first week of June, and Brenda will be on vacation the last three weeks of June. During these three weeks we will have very limited office hours. I will be available by cell phone if the office is closed, Mon – Thursday, and for pastoral emergencies as usual.

In Christ,
Mother Susan+

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