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March Wheel 2019 Newsletter

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Going Deeper in Lent

Dear People of St. Catherine’s,

The Season of Lent offers us an opportunity to deepen our relationship with God.

First and foremost, we can deepen our prayer and worship. But this takes both attention and intention. Plan now to attend as many Lenten services as you are able. I invite you now to think about what one Lenten discipline you will practice this Lent. (One, because some of us try to do too much and so immediately set ourselves up to fail). A Lenten discipline works best if it is something that will help you remember God, and your need for God. If you have done the same thing every year for a while it may be time to think about a new practice. Giving up something for Lent can work if that will help you remember God. But perhaps taking on a practice could deepen your relationship even more? Starting the day with prayer, doing a form of the daily office daily in Lent, fasting one day or one meal a week and giving the money to a food bank, seeking to serve others in a new way every day, sitting in silence for a set time each day – any one of these could be for you.

Lent begins on Wednesday March 6th, with Ash Wednesday. Plan to attend one of our Ash Wednesday liturgies – noon or 7 p.m. The powerful ritual of the imposition of ashes is only done once a year – so don’t miss it! (If you can come the evening before for our Shrove Tuesday pancake supper and The Burning of the Palms, wonderful.)

Sundays in Lent offer three very different Eucharistic liturgies. In all the Lenten liturgies we have more silence. We do not say any Alleluias during Lent. We say or sing the Kyrie, instead of the Gloria. While it is always fine to kneel or stand for many parts of the service, in Lent it is more normal to kneel, thus emphasizing the penitential nature of the season. We have a silent procession out at the end of all services. At 8 a.m. we use Rite One, and this year we will use the second Eucharistic prayer of Rite 1 during Lent. At 10 a.m. we use Rite Two. We will use Eucharistic prayer A, have longer silences, and a silent procession into the world, with no organ postlude. At 5:30 p.m. we use a newer authorized Eucharistic prayer and new, expanded Prayers of the People.

Secondly, we can deepen our knowledge and love of God and neighbor. Join us for our Thursday evening Lenten soup suppers and program, beginning Thursday March 14 for 5 Thursday evenings. This year we are using The Way of Love – a curriculum provided by TEC for our use. We will look at the way the seven parts – TURN, LEARN, PRAY, WORSHIP, BLESS, GO, REST – fit with the readings suggested for the Great Vigil of Easter, and we will explore spiritual practices in each area. Soup and Potluck at 6 p.m., Evening Prayer and program at 7 p.m. each week. We are doing the Soup Suppers a little differently this year, inviting different groups to participate. There are still two weeks open so let Mother Susan+ know if you are willing to host a week (make Soup, bring Tea and Water, and setup the tables ). Everyone – make sure to bring cheese, crackers, olives, bread, fruit, or other accompaniments to soup each week, if at all possible.

Mark your calendars now to intentionally set aside time for your spiritual life this Lent.

See you in church!

In Christ,
Mother Susan+

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