Welcome to St. Catherine’s Church.  I am currently serving as Interim Rector for this wonderful parish church.  My wife and I began attending St. Catherine’s after we retired and moved to Tampa area from Buffalo, NY.  We found welcome, beautiful worship, engaging people, kindness and care, and curiosity about our faith and the world around us.  For a few years I assisted the rector on Sundays.  Now, I am leading this parish through a year of grace, while we pray and listen and study and prepare to call a new rector.  I invite you to join us in this year of grace and journey along with us.  I look forward to welcoming you and greeting you in the name of Jesus and this merry band of believers.

In Christ,

Fr. Allen Farabee


We Episcopalians believe in a loving, liberating and life-giving God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We are members of the Anglican Communion, descendants of and partners with the Church of England and the Scottish Episcopal Church, and are part of the third largest group of Christians in the world.

We believe in following the teachings of Jesus Christ, whose life, death, and resurrection saved the world.

We have a legacy of inclusion, aspiring to tell and exemplify God’s love for every human being; women and men serve as bishops, priests, and deacons in our church. Laypeople and clergy cooperate as leaders at all levels of our church. Leadership is a gift from God, and can be expressed by all people in our church, regardless of sexual identity or orientation.

We believe that God loves you – no exceptions.


If you are new to our tradition, don’t worry about getting everything “right”.  Simply let the worship of the gathered community carry you along.  If you would like some instruction in liturgical practices, please speak to our interim rector.

All of our prayers and liturgies, as well as An Outline of the Faith (catechism), can be found in the black Book of Common Prayer (BCP) found in the pew rack.

We invite you to join us for fellowship after the 8:00 AM service for coffee/tea in the Parish Hall and following the 10:00 AM service a hot breakfast.

The mission of St. Catherine of Alexandria Episcopal Church is to nurture each other in the knowledge and love of God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit – and to share the Good News with all.


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